Video streaming

Video streaming requires a complex infrastructure in order to work well. We have a lot of experience with all video streaming components:

  • Design – not sure what compenents you need? Explain your idea to us and we’ll create an appropriate design to make your vision a reality.
  • Encoding and transcoding – hardware and software encoders/transcoders are usually needed to make your content ready for streaming.
  • Streaming – Wowza offers a great streaming platform. It is a reliable and flexible product which can satisfy majority of audio/video streaming requirements at an affordable price. We are official Wowza Independent Consultants and are happy to assist you with your project.
    • Live streaming
    • Video on demand streaming
  • Web integration – we can help you with integration of video streaming service into your web site or even provide web development services if you don’t have your own team.
  • Cloud – do you need to minimize CAPEX by paying only for what you use? We can help by setting up your cloud infrastructure and integrating it with CDN.
  • Reach the end user – you need a setup that will allow you to reach any customer on any device. This requires different streaming protocols, media players or even hardware boxes (STBs), but you needn’t worry because we’ve already done this many times.
  • Security – once you have a working system, it’s important to keep it working smoothly and securely. This means implementing a lot of different security mechanisms, techniques and best practices.
  • Custom development – do you need a custom functionality for your video streaming service? Let us know what you need and we’ll try to find the best solution or to create it from scratch by developing a custom module for your Wowza platform.
  • Web development – if you need to integrate video streaming into your web application, our web development team can help you create the web experience you imagined for your customers.