About us

SiggDev is a compact team of network and system administrators and project managers, with 14 years of experience in large ISP and corporate networks. Over time, we have had the opportunity to use a lot of different network technologies for access such as DSL, DOCSIS, fiber optics and wireless. We have designed several data centers for different purposes providing full redundancy, both on hardware and software level. Deep knowledge of core networking technologies and protocols is a must in these enviroments, so we have a lot of experience with setting up BGP, IGP, MPLS, redundancy, troubleshooting, implementing security measures, capacity planing, documentation, multi-vendor setups, etc.

Virtualization solutions are a common practice nowadays and we have utilized a great array of them – vmware and redhat (kvm), network cisco otv, vxlan, nv, etc. We have created and improved even more linux based solutions for hosting, streaming, email and many other purposes. Our technical expertize is supported by strong project management skills, allowing us to always apply our knowledge in the most optimal way.

Video streaming is growing rapidly and this trend is not diminishing any time soon. It is a very interesting area and we enjoy working on different video streaming solutions. We mostly use Wowza and FFmpeg software, though we have worked with other software vendors as well. We also have significant experience with different equipment vendors, such as Teleste, Appear, etc. Recognizing video streaming as an important and growing field, we decided to reinforce our expertise by becoming a registered Wowza Independent Consultant. You can find us on Wowza forums, under SiggDev username.

The projects we work on usually include linux services (such as web, databases, audio/video streaming, security, etc.), network operations/design (such as VPNs, BGP setup (re)design, IGP optimization, services design, automatization, etc.) and video streaming setups including origin/edge configurations, CDN, custom-built modules, authentication & authorization, etc. However, we are always eager to work on different, challenging tasks, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a different project you need help with.